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The New York City Spine Institute is dedicated to treating your existing elbow pain condition. Whether the right treatment option includes medications, physical therapy, or surgery, we want to help improve your quality of life.*

Elbow pain, otherwise known as tennis elbow or a type of tendinitis, is the swelling of the tendons that causes pain in the elbow and in the arm. Activities that include any repetitive gripping by use of the thumb and first two fingers, may contribute to the swelling of the tendons. Tennis elbow can be most commonly found in adults around the age of 40. Symptoms of elbow pain can include pain and tenderness in the elbow and can also extend into the upper and lower arm. 

At the New York City Spine Institute, our highly trained team of specialists have the exceptional training and expertise on all of the latest diagnostics, medical treatments, and other advanced technologies. We work very closely with each of our patients to ensure a treatment plan that best fits their individual elbow pain symptoms.*

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Quality Care

At NYSI we are dedicated to providing the most personalized care for your specific condition. Our professional team of doctors are well equipped to provide you with the highest quality of care, creating an individualized treatment plan to help you manage your specific symptoms.

Industry Leaders

Our team of doctors work under the guidance of our medical director, Alexandre B. de Moura, M.D. FAAOS. NYSI doctors are industry leaders and treat various neck and spine disorders, striving to provide our patients with exceptional care and the treatment that they deserve.

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Our highly qualified team of professionals at NYSI also speak a variety of different languages to help us to further accommodate our patients. Our languages include Spanish, Portugeuese, French, Italian, German, and Russian. We are proud to be able to serve all of our patients needs.

Understanding the Causes Of Your Elbow Pain

Elbow pain, or commonly known as tennis elbow, may develop over time. Repetitive motions that involve gripping and can cause strain on the muscles while also putting stress on the tendons. Tennis elbow can result from: 

  • Tennis 
  • Racquetball 
  • Squash
  • Fencing
  • Weight lifting 
  • And many other physical activities

Diagnosing Your Elbow Pain

Elbow pain can be most easily diagnosed with a physical examination as well as a review of previous health history. Your healthcare professional will  most likely be able to diagnosis elbow pain in such a way but if further testing is required it may include an X-ray examination, MRI scan, or an arthrogram test. 

To properly diagnose elbow pain and to determine a treatment plan that is appropriate for your specific condition, seeking professional care is the most effective way to begin relieving your symptoms.*

Treatment Options For Elbow Pain

There are a variety of treatments for elbow pain, depending on the cause of the pain and its severity. Treatments for inflammation can include immobilization or anti-inflammatory medications whereas treatments for more severe elbow pain may include a cast or surgical repair. If there is a diagnosis of infection in the area, treatments can include drainage and antibiotics.

*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment varies from patient to patient and depending on your specific condition. The New York City Spine Institute does not guarantee certain results.

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