New York Spine Institute is excited to announce the opening of our New Midtown Manhattan and Bronx offices. The new offices provide more options for Long Island and NYC residents to meet with our top orthopedic surgeons, spine doctors, pain management specialists and physical therapists.
345 EAST 37TH STREET, Suite 202
New York, NY 10016
Open 6/28
1200 WATERS PLACE, Suite M105
Bronx, NY 10461
Coming soon, Mid-August 2021


New York Spine Institute 

Office Address: 312 Commack Rd, Commack NY 11725

NYSI is one of the tri-state’s largest, multi-specialty spine and orthopedic center of excellence.

We strive to bring high quality providers and care together to meet the needs of an ever growing population of patients living in chronic pain, debilitating orthopedic conditions and complex spinal diagnosis.

Returning you to your quality of life is our number one priority.

New York Spine Institute

Spine Conditions
New York Spine Institute surgeons are thought leaders in the treatment of routine spinal disorders and complex adult and pediatric spine conditions. Our world class surgeons are consistently advancing the approach to complicated spinal injury and chronic back pain. Physicians, specialist and leading institutions locally and around the world send their patients to our institute for unparalleled surgical care and premier medical interventions.
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New York Spine Institute Scoliosis

Premier Scoliosis Center
As one of the premier centers for scoliosis treatment in the nation, we provide comprehensive care for scoliosis conditions affecting both pediatric and
adult populations.
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New York Spine Institute Square

Orthopedics in Commack, NY
Our physicians are devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. NYSI orthopedic surgeons have extensive training in orthopedic and sports injury and are continually pioneering the latest techniques, both nonsurgical and surgical, to ensure you receive the best possible care and outcome.

New York Spine Institute Pain Management

Pain Management Services in Commack, NY
Throughout the world, one in five people suffers from moderate to severe chronic pain. Our comprehensive team of pain management physicians will tailor an individual approach to your specific needs. Through interventional modalities and a patient-centric approach, returning you to your quality of life is our number one priority.
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New York Spine Institute International

At NYSI, we provide services to patients from all over of the world. Our dedicated multilingual staff speak many languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Russian.
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New York Spine Institute Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in Commack, NY
Physical Therapy is used to encourage mobility, decrease pain and restore function. * This is achieved through the use of combined modalities while working in concert with your treating physicians. Our physical therapist will work with you, in our state of the art facility, to obtain your goals and restore your well-being.
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New York Spin Institute Diagnostics

NYSI offers state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR), Digital Radiography (DX) and Digital Fluoroscopy (DF). NYSI Institute’s brand new GE 1.5T system provides our physicians with high quality, detailed pictures of anatomy and pathology to help evaluate a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders.
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