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Pain Management Psychology

Animated image showing the human brain

Though pain is a necessity in physical life (because it warns of harm to the body), chronic pain is a mystery that causes suffering. As a pain psychologist, Dr. Benjamin Hirsch focuses on his patient’s ability to cope with pain, using relaxation techniques, diversion therapy guided imagery and desensitization. A pioneer in the field, Dr. Hirsch is a diplomat of the American Board of Pain Management, a fellow of the American Board of Family Psychologists and an associate of the American Association of Interventional Pain Practitioners. He approaches cases with uniquely designed programs that meet the individual’s specific pain psychology needs, lifestyle and goals.

Some twenty years ago, the field was hardly known. Pain patients who “wouldn’t be healed by medical methods” were considered “crocks”. That was the term given to pain suffers who didn’t get “healed” through the standard medical intervention. There was something “wrong” with them. Practitioners like Dr. Hirsch have helped enlighten the public that there is no such thing as physical pain without a concomitant emotional component.

The sad reality, however, is that so many still do not realize this elementary and obvious truth. They believe that if they do not get better physically, they are somehow responsible. Ironically, that leads to even greater distress. That is sad because many sufferers have learned to live happier and freer lives by using the techniques of psychological pain management.

At New York Spine Institute our goal is to help patients manage their pain via the techniques implemented by Dr. Hirsch.