Dedicated to providing our patients with excellent care and treatment for failed back surgery, New York Spine Institute is here to help with your recovery and overall welfare. Feel free to visit us at one of our various offices all across the greater New York City area.


New York Spine Institute is committed to providing our failed back surgery patients with the highest level of care and personalized treatment. Our offices span throughout the Greater New York City area and are staffed with board-certified health care professionals to help you get your health back on track. Self-evidently, failed back surgery is the outcome of surgical intervention that has been less than satisfactory in restoring a reasonable quality of life. 

Board-certified physicians ready and qualified to treat all spine-related conditions are who make up our team at New York Spine Institute. Through diagnosis, they can understand and personalize a treatment plan for every patient in order to provide the highest level of excellence.

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Quality Care

At New York Spine Institute, you are supplied specialized care that fits your needs so you can return to all the activities you love without the painful symptoms that accompany failed back surgery.

Industry Leaders

Under the guided leadership of our medical director, Alexandre B. de Moura, M.D. FAAOS. The spine doctors at NYSI are industry leaders in various neck and spine disorders and will provide our patients with the appropriate treatment options.

Multiple Languages

At the NYSI, our professional staff speaks various languages to accommodate our various patients. Our languages include Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Russian. It is our pleasure to serve all of our patients’ needs.

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Patients with failed back surgery symptoms may experience the same pain as before surgery and/or discomfort of a different kind (such as numbness, weakness, stiffness, sharper pain, or more diffuse pain) or in a different area of the body.There’s a variety of factors that can contribute to your failed back surgery. This includes scar tissue, fusion failure, incomplete analysis, and more. 

A number of symptoms may unfold with failed back surgery syndrome:

  • New constant back pain even after surgery. In the back, neck, or other extremities 
  • Restricted
  • Failure to recover from surgery
  • Additional spinal issues post surgery 

Spinal surgery recovery does take significant time and since many of these symptoms occur with many other spine conditions, having a spine specialist with a wide-range of experience can more accurately diagnose what the origination of your back pain is.

Dr. Alexandre de Moura - NY Spine Institute - Long Island spine surgeon, manhattan back surgeon
Alexandre B. de Moura, M.D., FAAOS

Cervical Lumbar Spine Specialist, Medical Director
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Diagnosing Your Failed Back Surgery

The accurate diagnosis and treatment of failed back surgery syndrome can be very difficult, and is best done in an integrated, multispecialty environment like New York Spine Institute.

Surgeons at NY Spine can determine whether lingering pain after surgery is caused by failed back surgery syndrome. Symptoms may include chronic pain in the back, neck, or legs, which can be dull or sharp, aching, burning, or radiating. The pain may continue after surgery or reappear several days or weeks afterward. It can worsen as scar tissue builds in the spinal nerve roots, which extend from the spinal cord.

In order to diagnose this it’s essential to get an accurate medical history. 

Your physician will ask:

  • Your status before your surgery
  • What surgery was performed’
  • The type and location of pain pre and post surgery
  • Comorbid treatments/history

Following this, it’s important to do a physical examination to inspect surgical scars and vertebrae alignment. Your doctor will also test your range of motion as well as your muscle power.

Peter Passias M.D. FAAOS - NY Spine Institute Staff Link
Peter Passias, M.D.

Cervical, Lumbar, Adult & Pediatric Scoliosis and Spinal Deformity Specialist
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Treatment Options For Failed Back Surgery

At the NY Spine Institute we offer both non-surgical and surgical treatment options, chosen depending on the results of our diagnosis and your medical history.Treatment for failed back surgery syndrome may include physical therapy, nerve blocks, medications, injections or a chronic pain management program.

Physical therapy can be helpful to teach people who have had spinal fusion ways to sit, stand, move and walk as part of improving their mobility and quality of life. At the NY Spine we make sure to take the time to thoroughly review a patient’s medical history, imaging results, and diagnostic tests before we recommend surgical treatment.

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*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary by patient and condition. New York Spine Institute does not guarantee certain results.

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Angel Macagno, M.D.

Cervical, Lumbar, Adult & Pediatric Scoliosis and Spinal Deformity Specialist t

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