Our specialists always take a proactive approach to your sports injury. We give preference to medication and physical therapy, but when required, surgery can be an option. We perform the safest surgery available for sports injuries.*

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Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are what potentially may occur to an individual during sports or exercise. They refer to any injury that happens to any part of the body when playing sports. These injuries are often referred to affect the musculoskeletal system.

As the proud home of board-certified physicians, our team here at New York Spine Institute are qualified to treat all spine-related conditions accordingly. Our top priority is providing every patient with the highest level of excellence possible. This includes a diagnosis that our patients are able to understand completely and a personalized treatment plan to go along with it.

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Quality Care

Our experienced doctors based here at NYSI, are prepared to give all of our patients personalized and high quality care. They do this based upon your specific diagnosis in order to assure that you are given the proper treatment options for your condition.

Industry Leaders

Alexandre B. de Moura M.D. FAAOS is the medical director here at NYSI. our industry leading spine doctors are well versed with various neck and spine disorders and are ready to help all of our patients with fitting treatment options for their conditions.

Multiple Languages

Our professional staff at NYSI want to help all of our patients equally, therefore they are well versed in various languages so they are able to do so. The languages that our staff speaks are as follows: Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Russian. It is our pleasure to help serve all of the needs of our patients.

Understanding the Causes Of Your Sports Injuries

Overuse, direct impact or due to the application of force that is greater than the body part can withstand are all causes of sports injuries. They can either result in being either acute or chronic injuries.

Chronic injuries are a result of repeated overuse of muscle groups or joints. This can happen due to poor technique and structural abnormalities, which can aid in the development of chronic injuries. It is always important to seek medical attention after any sports injury, as they can sometimes be more severely than you think.

Types of sports injuries are as follows:

  • Ankle sprain. Symptoms of this include pain, swelling and stiffness.
  • Bruises. Small bleeds in the skin can be a result of a blow.
  • Concussion. From a blow to the head can result in mild reversible brain injury that can result in loss of consciousness. Symptoms for this are: headache, dizziness and short term memory loss.
  • Cuts and abrasions. Usually caused by falls, the knees and hands are usually affected.
  • Dehydration. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can occur after losing too much fluid.
  • Dental damage. Crack, broken or dislodged teeth can occur after a blow to the mouth.
  • Groin strain. Pain and swelling within the groin area.
  • Hamstring strain. Pain, swelling and bruising to the hamstring.
  • Knee joint injuries. Ligaments, tendons or cartilage can be affected. The symptoms are: pain, swelling and stiffness.
  • Nose injuries. From a direct blow, a bloody nose or broken nose can occur.
  • Stress fractures. Usually affected in the lower limbs, this can occur from excessive jumping or running on hard surfaces, which can result in eventual stressed and cracked bones.

Diagnosing Your Sports Injuries

In order to properly diagnose your sports injury you will need to provide our doctors with some information:

  • We will need to know how your sports injury occurred.
  • If you have suffered from a sports injury in the past.

Once you have informed our doctors, they will perform a physical examination. If our doctors believe that you may have suffered a more serious injury they may perform a series of image testing, such as  an X-Ray, MRI, or an Ultrasound to gain a better understanding of what is causing your neck and/or back pain. Once our spine specialists have properly diagnosed your sports injuries, they will provide you with the best treatment options.*

Treatment Options For Sports Injuries

Treatment can be dependent upon the type of severity of the injury the person is experiencing. If the pain continues for days after the incident, then it is important to visit your doctor.

Physiotherapy can also help to rehabilitate the injured area. This may result in exercises that will help with strength and flexibility. Returning to your sport after injury will mainly depend upon the assessment given to you by your doctor or physiotherapist. Delayed recovery and further damage may occur if you try to play before the injury has been properly healed. However, It may be possible to still do exercise that does not put strain on the injured area while it heals.

In the event of a more serious injury, surgery may be required. Our specialists are capable of performing a variety of spinal procedures that can treat your sports injuries.*

*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary by patient and condition. New York Spine Institute does not guarantee certain results.

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