División de Fisioterapia


Comprehensive Physical Therapy Care by New York’s Top Doctors

Tratamientos que Realizamos

  • Educación de los pacientes
  • Ejercicios de flexibilidad
  • Ejercicios de equilibrio y propiocepción
  • Ejercicios de movilidad funcional
  • Estimulación eléctrica
  • Ultrasonido
  • Terapia manual
  • Ejercicios de estabilización
  • Precauciones postoperatorias
  • Ejercicios postoperatorios iniciales
  • Formación para dispositivos de ayuda
  • Ponerse y quitarse los aparatos ortopédicos necesarios
  • Visión general y pronóstico del proceso de rehabilitación postoperatoria

Receive Treatment from the best with NYSI Physical Therapy

Our comprehensive care for patients in New York includes more than emergency treatment and surgical intervention. We offer expansive physical therapy options designed to help patients recover quickly and safely while regaining as much mobility as possible.

Our physical therapy division is led by two renowned professionals with distinguished education and experience. Our physical therapists have earned recognition for their superior skills and commitment to patient care. Whether you’re in need of spine or sports related physical therapy or require treatment for any other form of orthopedic or back injury, our expert physical therapists offer exceptional solutions.

Los beneficios de recibir fisioterapia en el New York Spine Institute

Los pacientes recurren habitualmente a NYSI para su atención de seguimiento, lo que nos ha llevado a ser el centro de fisioterapia más fiable de Long Island. Bajo la dirección de nuestros fisioterapeutas altamente experimentados, podemos ofrecer un tratamiento continuo para numerosas afecciones, desde lesiones comunes hasta afecciones complejas.

Ya sea que usted sufra de dolor crónico como resultado de un accidente deportivo o automovilístico o que esté experimentando síntomas de una compleja enfermedad degenerativa, el New York Spine Institute tiene la experiencia y el equipo de vanguardia para tratar su condición. Experimente el tratamiento de fisioterapia más completo de Long Island cuando se asocie con nosotros.

Minimally Invasive Rehabilitation

At New York Spine Institute, we do everything possible to create a minimally invasive and effective treatment plan individualized to your case.

Whether your injury is mild or extreme, we strive to improve your musculoskeletal and orthopedic health through a combination of manual therapy, exercises and patient education.

Comprehensive Treatment

What works effectively for one patient may not yield results for another. Thanks to decades of providing world-class physical therapy treatment to a wide range of patients, we’ve honed our ability to offer customized care. We leverage various exercise programs and manual therapy options to teach patients proper body movements and awareness.

If a course of action is not yielding the desired results, we’ll adapt our methods to best suit your recovery.

Future-Focused Approach

We stay continually ahead of industry changes and updates to ensure we’re offering the best care possible. This includes outfitting our faculty with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

As part of our forward-thinking mentality, we focus on equipping patients for long-term recovery after their physical therapy appointments end. We prioritize patient education and teaching patients a series of home exercises to help them stay strong and healthy in the future.

Improved Quality of Life

Thanks to our advanced treatment plans, many patients experience an increased range of movement and restored function, as well as decreased pain and a lower chance of long-term disability. As a result, many patients can resume their former lifestyles and experience an improved quality of life. 

“If I can help one person and say you’ll make it through this, go to them, they will help you. I would help you to let you see what it is like on the other side of the fence when someone goes through so much injury and trauma and then in turn, feels like I do. If you can just meet one doctor, please meet Dr. de Moura.”

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Why Choose New York Spine Institute

Quality Care

Every patient is treated as an individual. We offer custom treatment plans utilizing our diagnostic services to help our patients on the road to recovery.*

Industry Leaders

Our diagnostic imaging specialists have thorough training and years of experience successfully helping patients.*

Multiple Languages

Our staff speaks a multitude of languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Russian to accomodate our patients of all backgrounds.*

Serving Patients Throughout Greater New York

New York Spine Institute

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