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Where Does It Hurt?

Hand / Wrist

Your hands and wrists consist of many muscles, ligaments and bones that enable you to perform countless tasks. However, their utility can make them more susceptible to pain from accidents, over-usage or ongoing conditions. If you notice continuous discomfort in your hands or wrists, we can take a proactive approach to your pain relief.

When you work with us, one of our New York City hand and wrist doctors will help you address these issues and restore your quality of life. We treat many common conditions, including the following:

Carpal tunnel
Wrist injuries

Orthopedic Division Pain Management


Your elbow plays a vital role in your daily activities, from scratching an itch to throwing a baseball. You may experience pain in this area due to tendon inflammation, excessive usage or other causes — especially if you do a lot of heavy lifting or play a sport. Elbow pain can also accompany shoulder pain, depending on the cause of your discomfort.

If you have elbow or shoulder pain, our NYC doctors have the expertise to help you recover. Trust our experts to alleviate issues like:

Soft tissue injuries
Work injuries
Frozen shoulder

Orthopedic Division Pain Management


Because it’s a ball-and-socket joint, your hip can withstand plenty of rejuvenating jogs, golf games and other activities. As you age, you become more susceptible to major hip pain. If you’re experiencing hip pain, it may be because of natural wear and tear, overuse or a recent injury.

We provide quality hip pain treatment in NYC and beyond. Work with our team to develop a personalized plan for any of the following:

Hip fractures
Rheumatoid arthritis
Hip surgery
Muscle strains

Orthopedic Division Pain Management Division


Knee pain is a common symptom that can result from an injury, medical condition or excessive usage. While minor symptoms may respond well to self-care, professional care often provides quicker and longer-lasting relief. If it is left untreated, knee pain can become a severe concern with continued overuse.

Our neighbors in NYC and the surrounding areas have access to expert knee pain treatment. We specialize in numerous options:

Torn meniscus
Sports injuries
Knee arthroscopies
Loose body removal

Orthopedic Division Pain Management


Many people experience foot or ankle pain, whether it’s from high heels, overuse or a medical condition. If you have severe or persistent symptoms, it’s best to consult a professional. Seeking treatment for major and minor foot pain allows you to mitigate potential issues.

Your feet are a complex network of bones, joints and soft tissue, so we take our time choosing appropriate treatment solutions. New York Spine Institute specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions such as these:

Ligament injuries
Soft tissue injuries

Orthopedic Division Pain Management

Cervical / Neck

The cervical spine is the neck region of your spinal cord. This section supports the weight of your skull, helps with posture, and allows you to turn and rotate your head.

The nerves within the cervical spine control other body parts, such as the fingers and shoulders. Because these nerves have widespread effects, you might experience cervical issues outside of your neck before your diagnosis. Our cervical spine doctors in New York City can alleviate these and other issues:

Occipital Neuralgia
Cervical Spinal Myelopathy

Spine Division Pain Management Neurosurgery

Lower Back

The lumbar region comprises five bones in the lower half of your spine, surrounded by intervertebral disks, ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons and the spinal cord. Your lumbar region supports your body weight and enables motion. Over time, the bones in the spine weaken, increasing the potential for injury and pain

Injuring your lumbar spine can impact your daily life. We offer professional lumbar and lower back pain treatment in and around New York to help you recover from diseases and injuries including:

Herniated Discs
Lower back pain
Muscle strain

Spine Division Pain Management

Upper Back

Many muscles, nerves and ligaments run through your neck and upper back. You can strain your neck from sleeping in awkward positions, looking up or down constantly, wearing heavy necklaces and even allowing stress to linger. Neck and back pain treatment is often nonsurgical, but we can sometimes perform minimally invasive surgery if required.

Maintaining a healthy neck and back can make you more comfortable in daily life. We offer professional back and neck pain treatments in New York City, including care for the following:

Neck pain
Muscle strain

Spine Division Pain Management
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New York Spine Institute has been a trusted resource for patients dealing with orthopedic and spine conditions in New York City and beyond. Our team of specialists brings decades of experience and a commitment to serving with compassion and quality. With a wide range of specialties in our wheelhouse, many patients discover long-lasting results and effective health care solutions they couldn’t find elsewhere. Our tailored approach ensures comprehensive care that meets each patient’s precise needs — no matter their condition.

We offer orthopedic, neurosurgical and spine care framed in a forward-thinking culture, where we continually discover innovative ways to offer the best possible services. Using the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques, our team at New York Spine Institute strives to improve your quality of life.


What Conditions Do We Treat?

Our specialty areas cover a wide range of conditions — both common and complex. We can provide the latest diagnostics and medical treatments tailored to each patient’s unique needs. We commonly treat conditions affecting the neck, back, arms and legs, including herniated disk, scoliosis, spinal stenosis and adult and pediatric deformities. We can also provide expert consultation and physical therapy care for spine and orthopedic issues caused by trauma, infections, injuries, car and sports accidents, stress injuries and fractures.

No matter the root of your pain, we offer compassionate and seasoned spine and orthopedic care throughout Long Island and NY.


Award-Winning Care from NYC’s Top Spine Surgeons

Our team of New York spine specialists offers unmatched care and dedication to detail. We consult closely with your doctor to ensure we provide relevant and timely care built around your medical needs and background. Our willingness to partner with your doctor for any spine, orthopedic or pain problem you face ensures a multifaceted approach that meets your best interest for the long term. From your first consultation to any surgical treatment and every step that follows, your recovery is safe in our seasoned hands.

Doctor holding pen while examining spine model

What To Expect From Treatment at New York Spine Institute

Our decades of experience have taught us that all orthopedic and spine problems are unique. Orthopedic, spine and neurological issues often stem from variety of causes and have distinct and detrimental effects on your life. Before any surgical intervention, we delve deeply into every relevant test to position you for a successful recovery. Before, during and after a procedure, you can expect friendly service and transparent answers to all your questions.

Following your treatment, our specialists stay with you every step of the way to help you heal comfortably and comprehensively. You can count on us for specialized care in NYC that always considers your one-of-a-kind needs and condition.

Learn more about what to expect from our Long Island spine care options, as well as our physical therapy, neurosurgical, sports medicine and orthopedic treatments

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As trusted spine and orthopedic surgeons in NYC, we provide our patients with compassionate care and individualized solutions. Since 2000, we’ve upheld a reputation for excellent service across the New York City area. When you join our patient network, you can trust our team to deliver outstanding care every time.

Clients like you have chosen us for our patient-centric approach, which involves:

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Walking you through your treatment options.
Developing long-term solutions for your pain.

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“Dr. Alexandre de Moura and New York Spine Institute are absolutely wonderful! I have personally seen the level of personal care and dedication when one of my seriously injured clients was treated there (I am a personal injury attorney). He had a terrific recovery and I credit Dr. de Moura and his staff with that.”

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