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New York Spine Institute is excited to announce the addition of Nicholas Post MD, FAANS to our newly formed Neurosurgery division! Dr. Post is a board-certified neurological surgeon specializing in spinal deformity and traumatic injuries to the spine. He has performed thousands of surgeries, including hundred of spinal deformity procedures which have helped restore function and quality of life to his patients. He is also well-versed in personal injury, workers’ compensation and no-fault cases.

New York Spine Institute

Spine Conditions
New York Spine Institute surgeons are thought leaders in the treatment of routine spinal disorders and complex adult and pediatric spine conditions. Our world class surgeons are consistently advancing the treatments of complicated spinal injury and chronic back pain. Physicians, specialists and leading institutions locally and around the world send their patients to our institute for unparalleled surgical and medical care.
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New York Spine Institute Scoliosis

Premier Scoliosis Center
As one of the premier centers for scoliosis treatment in the nation, we provide comprehensive care for scoliosis conditions affecting both pediatric and
adult populations.
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new york spine institute neurosurgery division

Neurosurgery Division
At NYSI, we are proud to be the only independent, orthopedic Spine and neurosurgical practice in New York. What does this mean for our patients? Research has found that surgeries performed by both a neurosurgeon and an orthopedic surgeon, patients were less likely to develop major complications and have the highest level of successful surgical outcomes.
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New York Spine Institute Pain Management

Pain Management
Throughout the world, one in five people suffer (singular) from moderate to severe chronic pain. Our comprehensive team of pain management physicians will tailor an individual approach to your specific needs. Through interventional treatments (more clear than modalities) and a patient-centric approach, returning you to your highest quality of life is our number one priority.
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New York Spine Institute Square

Our physicians are devoted to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and conditions of the musculoskeletal system. NYSI orthopedic surgeons have extensive training in the management of sports injuries. We are continually pioneering the latest techniques, both surgical and nonsurgical, to ensure you receive the best possible care and outcome.
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New York Spine Institute Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is used to encourage mobility, decrease pain and restore function. * This is achieved through the use of combined modalities while working in concert with your treating physicians. Our physical therapist will work with you, in our state of the art facility, to obtain your goals and restore your well-being.
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New York Spin Institute Diagnostics

NYSI offers state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging: Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), digital radiography and fluoroscopy. NYSI’s brand new GE 1.5T MRI provides our physicians with quality, high-resolution images to evaluate a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders.
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New York Spine Institute International

At NYSI, we provide services to patients from all over the world. Our dedicated multilingual staff speak many languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Russian.
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NYSI is one of the tri-states largest, multi-specialty spine, and orthopedic center of excellence. We strive to bring high-quality providers and care together to meet the needs of an ever-growing population of patients living in chronic pain, debilitating orthopedic conditions, and complex spinal diagnosis. Returning you to your quality of life is our top priority.

Why Choose Us as Your
New York Spine Specialists?

New York Spine Institute has been a trusted resource for patients dealing with orthopedic and spine conditions in New York City and beyond. Our team of specialists brings decades of experience and a commitment to serving with compassion and quality. With a wide range of specialties in our wheelhouse, many patients discover long-lasting results and effective health care solutions they couldn’t find elsewhere. Our tailored approach ensures comprehensive care that meets each patient’s precise needs — no matter their condition

We offer orthopedic, neurosurgical and spine care framed in a forward-thinking culture, where we continually discover innovative ways to offer the best possible services. Using the latest technology and cutting-edge techniques, our team at New York Spine Institute strives to improve your quality of life.


What Conditions Do We Treat?

Our specialty areas cover a wide range of conditions — both common and complex. We can provide the latest diagnostics and medical treatments tailored to each patient’s unique needs. We commonly treat conditions affecting the neck, back, arms and legs, including herniated disks, scoliosis, spinal stenosis and adult and pediatric deformities. We can also provide expert consultation and physical therapy care for spine and orthopedic issues caused by trauma, infections, injuries, car and sports accidents, stress injuries and fractures.

No matter the root of your pain, we offer compassionate and seasoned spine and orthopedic care throughout Long Island and NY.

What To Expect From Treatment
at New York Spine Institute

Our decades of experience have taught us that all orthopedic and spine problems are unique. Orthopedic, spine and neurological issues often stem from a variety of causes and have distinct and detrimental effects on your life. Before any surgical intervention, we delve deeply into every relevant test to position you for a successful recovery. Before, during and after a procedure, you can expect friendly service and transparent answers to all your questions.

Following your treatment, our specialists stay with you every step of the way to help you heal comfortably and comprehensively. You can count on us for specialized care in NYC that always considers your one-of-a-kind needs and condition.

Learn more about what to expect from our Long Island spine care options, as well as our physical therapy, neurosurgical, sports medicine and orthopedic treatments.


Experience Award-Winning Care
From the Top Spine Surgeons in NYC

Our team of New York spine specialists offers unmatched care and dedication to detail. We consult closely with your doctor to ensure we provide relevant and timely care built around your medical needs and background. Our willingness to partner with your doctor for any spine, orthopedic or pain problem you face ensures a multifaceted approach that meets your best interest for the long term. From your first consultation to any surgical treatment and every step that follows, your recovery is safe in our seasoned hands.


Get an Expert Consultation From the Best Spine Doctors in NY

Are you struggling with an orthopedic, spine or neurological issue that’s impeding your quality of life? Our highly qualified physicians at New York Spine Institute are here to offer assistance and create an effective treatment plan for you. Schedule a consultation with one of our specialists online today, or reach out directly with any questions.

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  • “Dr. Alexandre DeMoura and New York Spine Institute are absolutely wonderful! I have personally seen the level of personal care and dedication when one of my seriously injured clients was treated there (I am a personal injury attorney). He had a terrific recovery and I credit Dr. DeMoura and his staff with that.”

    - A.Z.