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The dedicated professionals here at New York Spine Institute are committed to providing comprehensive care and effective treatment options to all our Melville patients and those in the adjacent towns.  Our top-rated spine specialists provide patients, young and old, with the ultimate care and treatment they need. Our experts are steadfast in their dedicated efforts to help all of our patients with their recovery and with the improvement of their overall health.*

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Quality Care

Our back doctors here at the NYSI offer patients personalized care and treatment plans that range from physical therapy and pain management to spinal treatments and even surgeries.

Industry Leaders

The dedicated neck doctors, and spine and neck surgeons here at the NYSI are led by our highly respected medical director, Alexandre B. de Moura, M.D., FAAOS. The team has been recognized as industry leaders in the care and treatment of many complex spine disorders.

Multiple Languages 

We are a diverse team of professionals who speak several languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Russian, and strive to deliver our specialized services to patients across the globe.


Both back and neck pain can typically be attributed to a variety of spine disorders, including, but not limited to, fractures, herniated discs, diseased discs, and infection. The spine doctors, neck specialists and back specialists here at the NYSI specialize in all types of back pain treatments and neck pain treatment options for our Melville patients and those in surrounding towns.  The advanced technology here at the NYSI enables us to diagnose a wide range of disorders and allows us to get to the root of your back or neck pain so we can effectively prescribe treatment options that will help get your life back on track again. *

Many people who suffer from neck or back pain have put their trust in our dedicated back doctors here at NYSI who are committed to providing them effective back pain treatment options that are the least invasive.  It is our preference and policy to reserve spine surgeries for those Melville patients who have unsuccessfully undergone other treatment plans and find themselves still suffering from pain, rather than prescribe it as an initial form of treatment.  When our spine surgeons opt to perform a surgery it is primarily to provide relief from the pain caused by pinched nerves, spinal cord compression, or mechanical instability of the spinal cord.


Our team of orthopedic surgeons is board certified here at New York Spine Institute and offers patients of all ages in Melville, personalized care and treatment plans.  Our highly respected team specializes in spine surgery and is experienced in bone and neurological spinal disorders. As a result of the thousands of patients we have treated who suffer from back pain or neck pain in the greater New York City area, our back and neck specialists have come to be known as one of the best back specialist teams in the area.  Our spine doctors and neck surgeons rely heavily upon pertinent patient information gathered in their efforts to comprehend your pain, its source, and the impact it has had on your life to allow us to determine the best course of treatment for your condition.*


Cervical Lumbar Spine Specialist, Medical Director
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We also offer state of the art scoliosis care and treatment plans to all our Melville patients suffering from scoliosis.  With millions of people in the United States having been diagnosed with scoliosis, which is a side to side curvature of the spine, contrary to the natural front to back curves, we here at the NYSI are committed to making a difference in the lives of these people. When the curves in the spine are minimal and insignificant, they are less likely to cause problems or complications, but when the curves are drastic and significant they can result in a myriad of health issues that can include fatigue, muscle pain, back pain, spinal arthritis, or even breathing issues.

Those individuals who suffer with scoliosis in Melville and the surrounding areas can reach out to the dedicated team of doctors here at the NYSI to receive proper care and treatment.  Our spine and back specialists are highly experienced and skilled in the treatment of varied types of scoliosis, including both degenerative and common idiopathic scoliosis. Our scoliosis treatment center has earned a spot on the charts because of the commitment and dedication of our top-rated doctors.  Our doctors take pride in offering extensive care to patients young and old suffering from scoliosis, since we have a full comprehension of the impact it has on individuals of all ages. *

The care and treatment we provide to our scoliosis patients varies from patient to patient and is dependent upon the severity of your spine’s curvature. Severe cases may require our back surgeons or spine doctors to perform surgeries.  These dedicated back surgeons have years of experience at our nationally ranked center, NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases.* Many of our surgeons and doctors have given lectures around the world on scoliosis treatments and have authored several publications on the topic as well.  For more details, refer to our Spine 101 section.

Dr. Angel Macagno


Cervical, Lumbar, Adult & Pediatric Scoliosis and Spinal Deformity Specialist
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Individuals who suffer from back pain or neck pain and find that it is interfering with their daily life and routine, can rely on the experts here at New York Spine Institute.  Our certified back doctors offer the most comprehensive care and treatment for all types of neck and back pain to Melville patients of all ages. The primary first step for all of our Melville patients is an initial consultation with one of our back specialists who is experienced in the complexities of the spine.  The doctor will determine proper back or neck pain treatment options that are specific to your needs. Your consultation with one of our back specialists will begin with a thorough exam, follow up with a diagnosis of findings, and end by providing you with an effective course of treatment.

During your initial consultation, our back specialists will encourage open communication in their efforts to gather pertinent information needed about your existing pain and symptoms.  They will perform a variety of necessary tests to assist with our diagnosis and then follow up with a prescribed treatment plan that can range from bracing to surgical intervention. All treatment plans are personalized to the specific needs of all our Melville patients and our team is committed to helping patients with their recovery and the overall improvement of their health.  Though treatment options vary from patient to patient, they are all personalized to meet individual needs. Our spine doctors put an emphasis on-surgical back pain treatment options rather than back surgeries of any type.


At the NYSI, we also specialize in pain management.  Our staff of dedicated doctors strive to offer insight to all of our Melville patients on the various forms of treatment options that are available.  Millions of Americans will suffer throughout their lifetime with a vast number of body pains, which is why we are so committed to making a difference in people’s lives by providing them with varied comfort levels.    

At the NYSI, we have a very simple mission statement – to provide and deliver high quality, comprehensive care and treatment to all our patients and to assist in their overall healing.  Our neck and back pain specialists are knowledgeable and educated while possessing distinct perspectives in assessing, diagnosing and managing various types of pain. *

In addition, our back and neck specialists have undergone training in all of the most state of the art technologies, procedures, protocols, techniques, and medical treatments for a vast number of back and neck pain-related conditions.

We treat conditions including:

  • Low back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Herniated disks
  • Shoulder and arm pain
  • Hip and leg pain
  • Radiculopathies
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Osteoporosis
  • Headaches
  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • Post-herpetic neuralgia (shingles)
  • Diabetic neuropathy

All of our spine specialists are board certified and highly trained in the most innovative diagnostics, medical treatments and advanced technologies for nearly every pain-related condition.*

The treatment options we offer our Melville residents include:• Injection therapies• Radiofrequency procedures• Spinal cord stimulation• Intrathecal device implementation• State-of-the-art fluoroscopy and endoscopy for great accuracy and precision• Ketamine infusion therapy for treatment of neuropathic pain syndromes such as CRPS.


Physical therapy is a prime component of your rehabilitation process.  Surgeries alone, even the most minimally invasive surgeries, are not enough.  Physical therapy is mandatory in order to enhance patient movement and mobility, decrease pain, restore function, and help to limit disability in individuals with injuries or impairments. *  The back specialists here at the NYSI offer specialized care and treatment as well as personalized PT plans to all our Melville patients and those in the adjacent cities and towns.

At NYSI we take a great deal of pride in our physical therapy team and in its leader, Michael Friar, D.P.T.  Michael Friar exhibits the highest level of commitment to his patients and provides superior, comprehensive physical therapy treatment options to each and every patient.  Patients are educated and provided with specific instructions on proper stretching, exercise, and manual therapy and are advised on body mechanics, postural awareness, and exercises that can be done at home to aid in their rehabilitation, improve health and prevent reinjury.

Our PT team is dedicated to a combined cardio and weight machine program that is used to target strength and endurance training for all our PT patients.  Patients must first undergo a full evaluation by one of our physical therapists whose primary purpose is to determine present functioning levels, pain thresholds and physical restrictions before they can be assigned a personalized PT program.  Once the evaluation is completed, Michael Friar will then determine the best treatment options for you and will set practical goals for you to achieve over time.


Physical Therapist
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At NYSI we are extremely proud of our state of the art radiology department that includes magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that is both safe and noninvasive.  The MRI successfully provides images needed for diagnosing a variety of conditions. The diagnostic imaging allows doctors to prescribe individualized care and treatment plans while providing radiologists with the tools they need to analyze various bone and soft tissue anatomies.

Our state of the art radiology department is also equipped with Digital Radiography (DX) x-rays and a high field short bore 1.5T MRI system that supports a variety of clinical applications, including MRI’s of the Spine, Brain, Abdomen, Pelvis, Shoulder, Knee, Hip, Elbow, Wrist, Hand, Ankle and Foot.*

The GE 1.5T system allows physicians to see detailed pictures of anatomy and pathology which assist them in the evaluation of a number of musculoskeletal disorders.

The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) utilizes both magnetism and radio waves to produce images that help doctors in performing their evaluations.  The vivid images provided of various body parts help back doctors to identify certain diseases which may not be visible with other imaging methods such as x-ray, ultrasound or CT (Computed Tomography). *  At the facility we also offer Long Length Imaging (LLI) for appropriate assessments of scoliosis.

*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary by patient and condition. New York Spine Institute does not guarantee certain results.


MRI Technologist
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The top-rated spine surgeons and neck doctors here at the NYSI provide the most comprehensive, personalized care and treatment to all our Melville patients.  Our team has been billed as one of the most trusted and respected spine surgery teams in greater New York City. Steadfast in enhancing the lives of our many Melville patients, our team of doctors remains focused on doing just that.  For more information about our award-winning team of surgeons and physicians or to learn more about our personalized care and treatment plans, contact one of our spine surgeons, neck specialists or back doctors today. We look forward to serving you and helping you on your road to recovery.*

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