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At New York Spine Institute, our spine division has years of experience and unique perspective in evaluating, diagnosing and treating all different types of back and spine conditions.



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How Our Orthopedic Doctors on Long Island Can Help

Whether caused by injury or illness, muscle and joint pain can keep you from living your best life. No matter your orthopedic or spine condition, New York Spine Institute offers a solution from some of the best orthopedists in NYC. Our staff of specialists includes experienced orthopedic doctors on Long Island ready to offer their expertise to even the most complex cases.

We can diagnose the full spectrum of joint, spine and degenerative problems to create custom treatment plans built around a nonsurgical approach. We use conservative methods whenever possible to help you heal quickly and safely.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery New York

If you suffer from chronic joint pain or sustained a traumatic injury, it’s time to seek a qualified orthopedic doctor for help. Our specialists can treat a broad range of conditions ranging from common diagnoses to rare and complex illnesses. When nonsurgical care isn’t the best answer to your symptoms, our orthopedic doctors will work with you to find successful solutions to restore your quality of life. Contact us today to speak with an orthopedic doctor near you.


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The Benefits of Seeking Treatment for Back Injuries From Top Orthopedic Surgeons 

At New York Spine Institute, we strive to create nonsurgical treatment plans whenever possible. If surgery is necessary, we go above and beyond to offer minimally invasive procedures that assure a quick and effective recovery. Our years of combined experience and trusted reputation as top orthopedic surgeons in NYC provide many benefits to our patients. When you seek care from our Long Island orthopedic specialists, you can enjoy advantages such as:

  • Shorter recovery periods. Our seasoned surgeons can provide effective care designed to streamline your recovery and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.
  • Minimal discomfort. Whenever possible, we observe nonsurgical or minimally invasive procedures designed to reduce post-op discomfort and complications.
  • High surgical accuracy. Orthopedic surgery is a complex venture requiring incredible expertise, a precise eye for detail and a trained hand. Our staff includes some of the best orthopedic surgeons and orthopedic specialists in Long island with proven track records of outstanding surgical accuracy and exceptional results.
  • Comprehensive care. In addition to quality care during the surgery itself, you can expect a full scale treatment plan for before and after your procedure. Our well-rounded process includes detailed consultations, custom treatment plans, nonsurgical or surgical treatment, and follow-up care as needed.

“If I can help one person and say you’ll make it through this, go to them, they will help you. I would help you to let you see what it is like on the other side of the fence when someone goes through so much injury and trauma and then in turn, feels like I do. If you can just meet one doctor, please meet Dr. de Moura.”

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Quality Care

Every patient is treated as an individual. We offer custom treatment plans utilizing our diagnostic services to help our patients on the road to recovery.*

Industry Leaders

Our diagnostic imaging specialists have thorough training and years of experience successfully helping patients.*

Multiple Languages

Our staff speaks a multitude of languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Russian to accommodate our patients of all backgrounds.*

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