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Office Visits

General New Patient Forms

New Patients: In preparation to your “first” visit, please print and complete the Patient Registration Form and Screening Questionnaire prior to your arrival:

Additionally, if you have imaging studies, i.e., MRI films or X-rays (not older than 6 months) plus medical written reports please bring them with you. If your imaging studies are older than 6 months, we will arrange for you to get them in our state-of-the-art facility.

As a New Patient we will begin by obtaining all of your present and past medical history. You will be asked to complete a survey provided by the physician with the goal to better understand and evaluate your current condition. This will be followed by an extensive and detailed physical examination.

What to Bring with You to Your Office Visit


Please make sure to bring your photo ID, insurance card(s), and any Workers’ Compensation case or No Fault carrier/accident information (if applicable) on your first visit and when you are seen for a new problem if you are an existing patient. All new patients should download and complete the Patient Registration Form (above) prior to your appointment.

Also bring any previous diagnostic testing if applicable such as MRI’s or X-Rays films or CD’s, CT Scans, EMG’s that will aid the physician during the evaluation process.

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At our main office at the Westbury Facility, we have Doorman Services that will assist you with wheelchairs if needed. On the day of your appointment, once you are at our parking lot you can either call the center at 516-357-8777 and let them know that you are in the parking lot and need assistance or if your coming with somebody have the person go to the front desk, and one of our doorman will come to your car with a wheelchair and assist you. Our entire facility is handicapped accessible.

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At New York Spine Institute, we provide services to patients from all over of the world.  We provide the latest diagnostics and medical treatments for every spinal problem. We are the leaders in treatments for routine spinal disorders to complex adult and pediatric spinal conditions, setting the standard for medical solutions for spinal disorders.*

Our dedicated multilingual staff speak many languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Russian. Our goal is to assist you and your family in arranging all appointments, services, and the accommodations you will need prior to coming, during your stay and after your hospital stay. For more information, please contact Christina Guarneri, Front Desk Manager at


Follow-Up Visit as a Non-Surgical Patient
During your follow-up visit, the physician will review with you all of the imaging and/or diagnostic studies that were instructed to be completed on your first office visit. The results will be discussed by your physician and a treatment plan will be developed.

Follow-Up Visit – One Week after Surgery
You will be schedule for a follow-up visit one (1) week after your surgery. During this visit an X-Ray will be taken as to review the status of the surgery. Your dressing will be changed and the incision will be checked as to ensure that is healing properly. If your evaluation goes uneventful, you will be scheduled for a follow-up visit in one (1) month.

One Month To Three Months After Surgery
An office visit at one month and at the three month mark after surgery is the norm. Around 3 months, a more vigorous physical therapy exercise regimen will be initiated. X-rays will usually be obtained at both of these visits, as needed. This is done to check the healing of the fusion, if performed. If you’re surgery was a straightforward laminectomy, a full release to all activities may well be provided at this time. Fusion surgery however, will require the same restrictions for another three months.*

Six Months After Fusion Surgery
The office visit at this time will again focus on your rehabilitative agenda. X-rays will also be obtained to further assess the fusion process. It is expected, that most fusions will be approaching maturity at this point. As such, most all restrictions will be lifted at this time.* Understand however, the fusion is not as strong as it will ever be until closer to one year after surgery. It is therefore one year before it is expected that your recovery is totally complete.*

One Year And Beyond
A routine check in the office after a major spine surgery is recommended on a yearly basis. At this time, your exercise program will be reviewed and recommendations made to maximize your strength, agility and endurance. X-rays will also be obtained as needed to monitor the fusion and adjacent areas of the spine. Tips on lifestyle improvements to further help your spine throughout the years will be a major focus as well.