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Benefits of Physical Therapy for Spinal Issues

Physical therapy is an excellent modality for patients looking to avoid surgery or to recover from surgery. Lower back pain such as lumbar spinal stenosis is sometimes treated with surgery, but physical therapy can work just as well. The goal of a physical therapist is to promote the patient’s ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. Physical therapy is an essential element of patient care. Some benefits of physical therapy include:

  • Physical therapists are trained to help decrease pain by identifying the underlying problems that sit at the core of your injury.
  • Physical therapy is an excellent way to relieve painful symptoms brought on by chronic illness.
  • Physical therapy plans are personalized for each patients individual needs.
  • Physical therapy improves quality of life

Why Choose NYSI

Quality Care

With a dedicated Physical Therapy Office, our professional physical therapists will provide you with only the best, quality care. We will create a customized treatment plan for your spinal issue or injury to help you build back your strength.*

Comprehensive Care

The vision of NY Spine is to always provide our patients with the complete package. That’s why we are distinguished as a tri-state leader in spinal care, offering both comprehensive diagnoses to surgery to physical therapy.*

Industry Leaders

Our Physical therapy program focuses on improving strength, flexibility, motion and pain control. Our licensed physical therapist can help address spinal concerns with treatments that work in conjunction with other therapies.*

Comprehensive Physical Therapy Treatment

When you come to New York Spine Institute to recover or prepare for spinal surgery, our licensed physical therapist Michael Friar D.P.T will determine the patient’s current level of function, pain intensity and restrictions with their activities of daily living.

We will create an individualized treatment plan, utilizing all available modalities to help control your pain, while informing you on the best exercises to modify your daily activities and minimize the pain you may be enduring.

If conservative therapy fails, patients who have surgery will return to the same therapist to maintain continuity in treatment. Our therapist will create a relationship with each individual, understanding their pain points and knowing what measures to take during therapy.  We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality care for our patients throughout the entire course of treatment.

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