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Spine Conditions: Hip and Leg

With offices located throughout the Greater New York City area, New York Spine Institute provides world class treatment for individuals diagnosed with hip and leg pain. Our professionals, who have many years of experience, are here to help you on your road to recovery.*


A large majority of Americans suffer from lower back and hip pain. Back pain can easily be mistaken for hip pain and discomfort. The joint of your hip is located near your spine. Pain varies from person to person, it’s best to work with your doctor to see what your best course of action is.*

Patients who are in need of renowned medical expertise to treat leg and hip pain can find everything they need here at NYSI.Through diagnosis, they can understand and personalize a treatment plan for every patient in order to provide the highest level of treatment and care.*

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Why Choose New York Spine Institute

Quality Care

At New York Spine Institute, you are supplied specialized care that fits your needs so you can return to all the activities you love without the painful symptoms that accompany arthritis.

Industry Leaders

Under the supervision of our medical director, Alexandre B. de Moura, M.D. FAAOS, our spine doctors at New York Spine Institute are industry leaders. All are well versed with knowledge pertaining to various neck and spine disorders that make them prepared to provide all of our patients with suitable treatment options.

Multiple Languages

In order to provide personalized care on a daily basis we are proud to offer our patients medical staff who can speak a variety of languages. You can find doctors, surgeons, and other members of NYSI proficient in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Russian.*

Understanding the Causes Of Your Hip and Leg Pain

It’s easy to overwork the lower back and hips because they are responsible for lifting, twisting, and moving the legs and trunk. Pains due to overuse and minor injury are common in these areas of the body.

Hip and leg pain are often the result of injury, overuse, or wear and tear over time. It’s common to affect an individual at some point in their life. Many treatment options focus on resting the affected area and managing pain, but others may require additional medical attention.*

If your hip and leg pain continues, or symptoms worsen, reach out to one of our spine doctors so we can best address your issues.*

Diagnosing Your Hip & Leg Pain

The best way to diagnose your hip and back pain is to get a physical examination. The specialist may order an injection of lidocaine, or they may perform diagnostic/therapeutic hip injection under fluoroscopy or ultrasound.*

For most patients, surgery is the last option, since medication and physical therapy typically have a high success rate. However, if you are experiencing pain that lasts longer than four to six weeks, you should consult your doctor.*


Treatment Options For Hip and Leg Pain

Because hip and leg pain often comes from physical wear and tear. Many treatment options focus on resting the affected area and managing pain, but others may need more care.*

In some cases medication may be very beneficial to helping with painful symptoms. For severe lower back pain, a steroid injection can help reduce inflammation and pain. In order to relieve pain and also prevent further damage, physical therapy can be very beneficial. Another option may be physical therapy. In order to promote blood flow and strengthen necessary muscles, this can be an excellent way to manage symptoms and help patients improve their quality of life.*

*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary by patient and condition. New York Spine Institute does not guarantee certain results.

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