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The Art of Microneurosurgery  

The Art of Microneurosurgery

The Art of Microneurosurgery  

By: Nicholas Post, M.D. FAANS

Nicholas Post, M.D. FAANS, a board-certified neurosurgeon has joined the NY Spine Institute medical staff. NYSI is now the only private practice on Long Island to offer true comprehensive spinal care spanning spine-specific and general orthopedics, neurosurgery, physical therapy, and pain management subspecialties for patients with acute, chronic, or debilitating orthopedic or complex spine and brain conditions.

First introduced in the 1950s and 1960s, microneurosurgery transformed the ability to diagnose and treat brain, spine and peripheral nerve conditions. As technology continues to advance, so does the precision of surgery. At New York Spine Institute, our services have expanded to include an advanced neurological division led by Nicholas Post MD, FAANS.

What Is Microneurosurgery?

Microneurosurgery is a minimally invasive procedure that uses a high-powered operating microscope to reach delicate places in the brain and spinal cord. It targets affected regions of the brain while keeping the overall risk at a minimum. 

This operation is performed by a neurosurgeon with considerable knowledge of brain anatomy, as precise movements are necessary to make microneurosurgery successful. A smaller instrument allows for less post-operative pain and overall patient recovery time.

What Does Microneurosurgery Treat?

With this meticulous equipment, microneurosurgery can treat various brain lesions in the most intricate parts of the nervous system. It’s common for neurosurgeons to treat the following conditions with microneurosurgery:

  • Epilepsy: Studies have shown that this procedure can effectively treat epilepsy, even the forms untreatable with medication.
  • Herniated discs: These inflamed discs put pressure on a spinal nerve. Microneurosurgery can relieve this pressure.
  • Post-stroke complications: A stroke may cause problems like internal bleeding or other pains. Microneurosurgery can stop these complications without irritating the surrounding area.
  • Brain Aneurysms: The small instruments used in microneurosurgery are helpful with aneurysm treatment as they can target the weakened blood vessel without risk of rupture.
  • Tumors: This operation can be used to precisely cut around and remove a tumor in the brain.

New York Spine Institute treatment options are not limited to this list. See what else we can treat.

Microneurosurgical Techniques

Depending on the procedure, you’ll likely be under complete or local anesthesia during the surgery. Some surgeries may require you to be alert and answer questions, although you will not feel the specific area being treated. Your doctor will walk you through the entire process ahead of time so you know what to expect.

While recovery after microneurosurgery varies for everyone, it will require some monitoring in the hospital. Before you go home, you’ll learn how to care for your incisions and take your scheduled medications.

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