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What to expect from a workers comp doctor

What to expect from a workers comp doctor

What to expect from a workers comp doctor

By: Alexandre B. de Moura, M.D. FAAOS

Meet Alexandre B. de Moura, MD, an internationally recognized leader in spinal wellness, who founded New York Spine Institute located in Westbury as a means for bringing his affiliation with NYU Hospital for Joint Disease and other world renown specialists home to Long Island.

Workers’ compensation is a benefit virtually all workplaces are obligated to pay on their employees’ behalf. If you are injured on the job, this benefit helps pay for lost income and medical bills while you recover. Doctors who accept workers’ comp patients help treat individuals who have sustained an on-the-job injury. They document the injury so a patient can get workers’ compensation benefits.

If you are injured while performing your duties on the job, come to New York Spine Institute for outstanding care at one of the largest multi-specialty orthopedic centers in the tri-state area. Here, you can meet with one of our orthopedic specialists, Dr. Timothy Roberts.

Do I Have to See a Workers’ Comp Doctor?

If you have been injured at work and want to get workers’ compensation benefits, you will need to meet with a workers’ compensation doctor to get treatment and make sure the insurer has all the information they need to pay out your claim.

Seeing a workers’ compensation physician like Dr. Roberts is also a good idea because injuries sustained on the job can be serious and even debilitating. Our highly skilled physician can properly diagnose your condition and help you get appropriate treatment so you can return to work and regular life.

How to Find a Workers’ Comp Doctor

Some workers’ compensation insurance companies require you to see their doctors. Unless it is an emergency, the doctor you see must be authorized by the Workers’ Compensation Board. If your doctor is authorized, however, you may be able to see him or her.

Additionally, your employer’s insurance company may ask you to see their doctor as part of an Independent Medical Exam (IME). In this case, you may have less choice in who you select.

If you are working with a workers’ comp attorney, they might ask you to see a specific doctor to document your injuries, get a second opinion and receive treatment. In this case, you might see someone based on a recommendation.

If you have been injured at work, Dr. Roberts of the New York Spine Institute can assist you in documenting and treating your injuries. He routinely works with injured workers and their attorneys. As a specialist in a broad range of minimally invasive and traditional spine surgical techniques, Dr. Roberts focuses on helping you, not the insurance company.

What Should I Expect From a Workers’ Comp Doctor?

It’s normal to wonder what to expect from a workers’ comp doctor. When you come to New York Spine Institute, Dr. Roberts will ask detailed questions about the injury and symptoms, your medical history and how you sustained the injury. The goal is to diagnose the injury, offer effective treatment options and establish whether the injury was caused by a work incident.

During your appointment, you can expect a lot of documentation and note-taking. As with any medical visit, Dr. Roberts may recommend certain tests that can offer a clearer picture of your condition. If possible, take notes yourself and get copies of any medical records, as you may need them for your claim.

See a Workers’ Comp Doctor at New York Spine Institute

It can be scary sustaining an injury at work, and you may be confused about what steps to take or who to see to document your injuries. Start by contacting New York Spine InstituteDr. Timothy T. Roberts is experienced with many types of job site injuries and will work with you to find the treatment you need to get you back to your life.