Thousands of patients and surgical candidates were displaced by the Laser Spine Institute’s recent closure. But New York Spine Institute is here to help support these patients. We can help transfer medical records without delay to ensure they receive the needed treatment and care. With experienced back doctors, multiple locations, and top patient care, we are your trusted home for back and spine care.


Our Greater NYC doctors are the industry leaders in treatments for routine spinal disorders to complex adult and pediatric spinal conditions. The doctors at New York Spine Institute have decades of experience and have helped hundreds of patients with a variety of spinal conditions.

Beyond the quality of care we provide, we also spend time with each patient, ensuring that they are understood and that we answer any questions they have. We believe that an educated patient is a better-prepared patient. At New York Spine Institute, we set the standard for medical solutions of spinal disorders.*

Greater New York City’s Premier Spine Disorder Treatment Centers

New York Spine Institute has multiple offices with convenient locations throughout Greater New York City as well as offices in White Plains and Newburgh, NY.

Each center is staffed with friendly indivudals dedicated to your health. You can schedule your care at the location that is most convenient for you. 


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Spine Conditions
We provide the latest diagnostics and medical treatments for every spinal problem. We are the leaders in treatments for routine spinal disorders to complex adult and pediatric spinal conditions.
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Spine surgery and care - New York Spine Care

Spine Surgery Procedures
Advances in medical technology allow spine surgeries performed at New York Spine Institute to be done more quickly, more easily and with greater success than ever before.
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Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy is used to encourage mobility and movement, decrease pain, restore function and prevent disability in patients with injuries or impairments.
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Premier Scoliosis Center
As one of the premier centers for scoliosis treatment in the nation, we provide comprehensive care for scoliosis conditions affecting both pediatric and adult populations.
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Cervical Disk Replacement
The Mobi-C® Cervical Disc (Mobi-C) has been designed for cervical disc replacement to restore segmental motion and disc height. The Mobi-C is the first cervical disc that is FDA approved for one and two level indications with statistical superiority for two-level use.
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International Patients
At NY Spine Institute, we provide services to patients from all over of the world. Our dedicated multilingual staff speak many languages including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and Russian.
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  • “Dr. Alexandre DeMoura and New York Spine Institute are absolutely wonderful! I have personally seen the level of personal care and dedication when one of my seriously injured clients was treated there (I am a personal injury attorney). He had a terrific recovery and I credit Dr. DeMoura and his staff with that.”

    - A.Z.