New York Spine Institute Spine Services

Imaging Services

Dr. De Moura of NYSI standing next to imaging equipment

New York Spine Institute offers state of the art diagnostic imaging: a High Field Ultra Short Bore 1.5T MRI system and a Kodak Point Care Computed Radiography (CR) Digital System.

The high field ultra short bore 1.5T MRI system supports a wide range of clinical applications. Including but not limited to MRI’s of the spine, brain, chest, abdomen, pelvis, shoulder, knee, hip, elbow, wrist, hand, ankle and foot.  Patient comfort is our main priority

New York Spine Institute Philip 1.5T system provides our physicians with high quality detailed pictures of anatomy and pathology to help them evaluate a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

An MRI scans the body for molecular structures using magnetism and radio waves instead of x-rays. Because of the improved computer technology of the 1.5T equipment our patients will experience better and faster exams.

Our system is also equipped with a sound system that will allow our patients to hear their favorite songs while performing the test in a relaxing environment.

This facility uses the Kodak Point of Care computed radiography (CR) in x-ray. In this medium, the captured images are digitized so the radiologist can analyze the soft tissue and bone anatomy for diagnosis.  We also provide Long Length Imaging System (LLI), which lets you capture long-bone CR images for full spine and scoliosis needs.