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Understanding the Causes Of Hemivertebra

Hemivertebra develops due to improper vertebra maturation during the fetal development phase. However, it is unknown what causes this specific irregular fetal development. In mild hemivertebra cases, symptoms do not usually show themselves. In more severe cases, symptoms may become more apparent and debilitating.

When symptoms do show, they include:

  • Spinal pain
  • Irregular spinal curvature
  • Rear limb weakness

Diagnosing Hemivertebra

Hemivertebra often results in scoliosis, which is why an early diagnosis is important. Imaging processes are the main forms of diagnosis, often used in combination in order to locate and magnify the hemivertebra. Imaging also helps rule out alternative deformities.

Diagnostic tests include:

  • X Rays
  • CT Scan
  • MRI

Treatment Options For Hemivertebra

Mild cases of hemivertebra are most often not treated surgically. Instead, the condition is observed and monitored as a patient grows. It has been found that back braces are not an effective countermeasure against hemivertebra.

When found in children ranging from infants to adolescence, surgery is an option. In this surgery, the hemivertebra are removed and the healthy vertebra above and below the problem site are fused together. Once surgery is complete, a brace is worn for a period to enable the fused vertebra to develop properly.

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