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Understanding the Causes Of Your Ligament Injury

The ligaments in your body support and strengthen your joints. Their main function is to keep the bones of the skeleton in proper aligment and prevent any abnormal movement of the joints. But, when a ligament tears, this normal function will be impaired and the joints will loosen or you will be unable to move a joint as you normally would.

When you experience a ligament injury or tear, it will be painful or tender to the touch and you may have swelling or bruising. You may also experience muscle spasms.

Diagnosing Your Ligament Injury 

Ligament injuries or tears are caused from forcing a joint out of its normal position. Any sudden movement, fall, or blow to the body can be a cause of a ligament injury. They are especially common during athletic activity due to the stress and consistent action the joints are under.

Ligaments that are commonly affected including the ankle, knee or wrist, and your injury may be diagnosed as:

  • Ankle: A common type of ankle injury happens to be an ankle sprain, but it’s less common for everyday life and seen often in competitive athletes.*
  • Knee: The knee ligaments are the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), posterior cruciate ligament (PCL), medial collateral ligament (MCL) and lateral collateral ligament (LCL). The most common type of knee ligament injury is an ACL tear.*
  • Wrist: Tears in the ligaments of the wrist most often occur due to falling on an outstretched hand.*
  • Thumb: The ulnar collateral ligament can be torn during an injury, especially when the thumb is bent in an extreme position.*
  • Shoulder: Tears associated with the shoulder are often categorized as shoulder dislocation, AC joint injury or rotator cuff tear.*
  • Spinal (Neck or Back): Most often, ligaments in the neck can be torn during whiplash which causes an extreme movement of the cervical spine. The ligaments in the back can also be torn if you lift something heavy.*

Treatment Options For Ligament Injuries

For mild ligament injuries or tears, you may be able to treat it at home. An orthopedic doctor may recommend that you try the RICE protocol therapy (rest, ice, compression, elevation). But, if you have a more severe tear, your specialist will examine you and perform tests to make a diagnosis and offer the proper treatment for your condition. If required, NYSI doctors have access to a number of different imaging machines and we can help diagnosis with an x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, or ultrasound.*

Depending on the location of your ligament injury, treatment will vary. You may require a cast or crutches, or you may require surgery to repair a torn ligament. The NYSI has both orthopedic and spine surgeons that are trained and qualified to handle surgeries. After surgery or if you are experiencing immobilization, you may require physical therapy or rehabilitation to return to pre-injury conditions. Our team also includes physical therapists and pain management specialists that can aid in your recovery.*

The orthopedic specialists at NYSI always take a patient-centered approach toward ligament injuries and treatment. While we give preference to medication and physical therapy, surgery may also be an option. If surgery is required, we always perform the safest ligament injury procedures available.*

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