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Anthony Tisi, PA-C

Anthony Tisi

Chief Physician Assistant

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Anthony Tisi is the Chief Physician Assistant at New York Spine Institute (NYSI), specializing in spine surgery and patient care. For over 10 years, Anthony has worked alongside NYSI’s world-renowned spine surgeons performing orthopedic spine surgeries including spinal fusions, decompressions and deformities. As a surgical PA, he is constantly honing his skills and learning about new procedures and techniques.

At NYSI, Anthony uses a personal approach to care and takes in mind each patient’s specific situation and needs into account. Anthony and the professionals at NYSI care for patients as people and never treat them as just numbers. He often sees patients who have been injured in accidents and have been dealing with pain and mobility issues for years. Many have seen other practitioners with limited success. He takes the time to review their cases and looks for alternative treatments that others have not offered.

For patients, he knows the decision to undertake surgery is often stressful and worrisome. By listening and taking an attentive approach, Anthony helps patients to become comfortable with the courses of action recommended. This allows him to build long-term relationships with them. He and the doctors at NYSI continue to talk and interact with patients for months and even years after surgery. His primary goal is to assist patients in improving their quality of life and reducing pain. Anthony’s direct approach makes him a trusted and respected provider amongst his peers and patients alike.

Interested in science and medicine from an early age, Anthony graduated with Magna cum laude honors from Farmingdale State College with a bachelor’s degree in Bioscience. He then attended Touro University, where he received an additional bachelor’s degree in health science, then a master’s degree in physician assistant studies and was awarded outstanding academic achievement in his class.

A lifelong Long Island resident, he currently resides in Deer Park.