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Understanding the Causes Of Your Hip Fracture

There are many different causes of a hip fracture, a severe impact in an automobile accident can cause hip fractures in people of all ages but in older adults, hip fractures are most commonly the result from a fall. Some people who have extremely weak bones may experience a hip fracture by simply standing on the leg and twisting. The risk factors of hip fractures increases with age, chronic medical conditions, certain medications, nutritional problems, or physical inactivity.

Diagnosing Your Hip Fracture

A doctor will most likely be able to determine your hip fracture just based on your symptoms and the positioning of your hip and leg but they will use an X-ray to confirm a fracture as well as locate exactly where the facture is on your bone. A hairline fracture may be more difficult to see in an X-ray in which case they may order an MRI or bone scan to look for smaller hairline fractures. Hip fractures are usually located in two areas on the long bone or your femur: the femoral neck and the intertrochanteric region. Once it is determined by your medical professional what type of hip fracture you have and where it is located, they can then create a specialized treatment plan for your specific condition.

Some of the signs and symptoms of a hip fracture can include:

  • Unable to move immediately after a fall 
  • Severe pain in your hip or groin area 
  • Inability to put weight on leg 
  • Stiffness, bruising, swelling in and around your hip area 

To properly diagnose a hip fracture and to determine a treatment plan that is appropriate for your specific condition, seeking professional care is the most effective way to begin relieving your arthritis symptoms.*

Treatment Options For Hip Fractures

There are various treatment options for hip fractures but they usually involve a combination of surgery, rehabilitation, and medication. If your fracture requires surgery, the type of surgery depends on the location and how severe the fracture is. Surgical options include, internal repair with screws, a total hip replacement, or a partial hip replacement. 

Very shortly after a surgical procedure, most likely the very next day after surgery, you will be moving around and out of bed and begin the physical therapy required to focus on the range-of-motion as well as strengthening.

Medications such as bisphosphonates, may help with osteoporosis and reduce the risk of possible hip fractures in the future.

*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment varies from patient to patient and depending on your specific condition. The NYSI does not guarantee certain results.

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