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Your spine disorder is in good hands, with a number of work injury doctors in our facility who have years of experience.* We are led by our medical director

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Your spine disorder is in good hands, with a number of doctors in our facility who have years of experience.*

Understanding the Causes Of your Work Injuries

Workplace accidents related to the neck, back or pain can happen from something as innocuous as bad posture, or from a quick injury that could put you out of work for months. It can be the result of overextension to the spine from frequent pulling, pushing or liting heavy objects. This type of injury is also most common in manufacturing, mining, construction or automotive repair.*

Three of the most common workplace-related injuries are caused by*:

  • Thoracic Spine Injuries: This is a severe injury that can result in permanent nerve damage.
  • Lumbar Spine Injuries (lower back): When you experience sprains or strains on the muscle or liagements, it can often be painful. Low back injuries can limit your ability to perform daily activities or tasks.*  
  • Spinal Cord injuries, whiplash & herniated discs: These are some of the most common injuries that relate to workplace accidents.

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Diagnosing Your Work Injuries

Spinal conditions are sometimes difficult to determine without knowing the full details of the incident and how it affects you. We want you to describe any symptoms you have been feeling and any medical history that you can tell us about that may give us insight into your condition.

Symptoms people may feel in their back, neck or spine after a workplace injury or job injury include:

  • Tightness or lessened motor control in their body
  • Dull, aching chronic pain
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Muscle sprains and tears
  • Difficulty performing your job at your former capacity

Imaging tests like an MRI, CT scan or a series of X-Rays can help determine the exact problem you are going through. After figuring out what you have, we will be able to direct you to proper treatment options.*

Treatment Options For your Work Injuries

Depending on the severity of your condition, our work injury doctors will work to treat you with non-invasive procedures like medication and physical therapy and rehabilitate you back into working condition. These methods can take time, but can be beneficial to your recovery overall when properly directed.

If necessary, we can also provide you with a number of spinal surgeries in our facility. We try to avoid it whenever necessary to not cause extra stress on our patients. No matter what you have gone through at your place of employment, the New York Spine Institute will be there every step of the way to help you recover and regain your life as quickly as possible.*

*The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment will vary by patient and condition. New York Spine Institute does not guarantee certain results.

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